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One could argue that is just capitalising on our desire for rebound relationships.There’s nothing new about trying to get over someone by trying to get under someone else.When newly and reluctantly single, I’ve expressed a desire for my own caretaker manager - someone who’ll do all the boyfriend bits and hold the fort to the best of their ability until a professional expresses an interest in taking me on in the long term, or I’m at least capable of running the club by myself for a bit.I know I’m supposed to be an independent woman, but you try cry-dancing your way through Independent Women on your first single night on the town, until the DJ gives you a shout out, asking if the “total buzzkill” has any mates left who will take her home.If you’re feeling abandoned and vulnerable, paying someone to find you the perfect substitute ex makes total sense.And if your long suffering pals have been forced to look after you for any period of time, they’ll probably be as into it as you are.Our clients strive for the best in every aspect of their lives and therefore deserve the best matchmaking service as well.Meet us and see why the most successful people in the world have joined Elite Connections.

For the low, low price of ,000, they’ll find you someone who can step right up and carry on from where your former lover took off, as long as your relationship was based entirely on jaw lines and cheekbone placement, and not anything so silly or cerebral as a shared perspective on families, food or travel, or even just a mutual obsession with Parks and Recreation.

Some couples connect instantly; other relationships build and develop with time and nurturing. Ladies – view a few of our male clients Our dedication to introducing compatible couples is the secret to our success.

Let us introduce you to a memorable match that ends your search once and for all.

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it, after all.

Let’s say you’re a conflict averse, order-loving planner, and you keep finding yourself drawn to combative, spontaneous, sparky types, only to have it end in disaster.

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